Client: Octi-Inks - Orange County CA, USA
Role: Branding Development


We developed the Octi-Inks brand concept from logo identity to product design and final packaging creation.


Brand logo development

  • After discussing with stakeholders their idea of the logo they desired, we begin drafting sketches in alignment with what was requested.

  • The client needed a logo that showed sophistication and represented itself as a high-end retail partner to the custom writing instrument industry.

octi inks websitelogo.jpg
octi inks websitelogo 3 2.jpg

Final Logo direction

packaging development

  • Once we finished the logo identity, our next step was to figure out the design for the product packaging and the materials needed.

  • The client planned on selling single bottles and a set. We designed a beautiful gift box style packaging for sets of 3.

octi inks sketch mockup.jpg

product assembly

  • Once the direction of the packaging design was approved by the clients, we began resourcing materials to mock up designs for the next phase.

  • This exploration ruled out weak concepts visually to ensure the right look and feel was created during this phase of branding development.

octi inks work-2.jpg

Final product Design

replace this.jpg

box set Design

Ocit-Inks box2.jpg

Corporate Stationary Kit

octi inks stationary kit mockup2.jpg

Brand development book

At the end of the product development phase of the branding process, we created a printed process book which outlined the work involving the journey through brand discovery.
This book would be used by the clients to show potential investors.

*If you’re interested in viewing the process book on PDF, please click the link in the image below.


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