Project Brief

Client: I Save Bees - Huntington Beach, CA USA
Role: Branding / Content Creator

Environmental Conservation
and Advocacy

We’ve worked with I Save Bees studying and capturing bees on film. We’ve developed the I Save Bees personal brand, produced their video and photography content and helped their brand grow through social media.


Ongoing Social Media Content

  • Scarnici Productions captured video footage and photography creating ongoing content for social media postings.

  • We established an online presence for I Save Bees within the beekeeping community to the point of corporate sponsorship for their endeavors.

isb copy.jpg

Website Development

  • The website for I Save Bees featured big beautiful macro photography to highlight their focus.
    The visuals were important in this website to reinforce visually their specific involvement within the agricultural industry.

ISB web mockup.jpg


Film Production

Once I Save Bees got momentum with corporate sponsorships, we began film production on a series of 6 videos focused all “About Bees”.

ISB Flight Modes Thumb.jpg
ISB Swarms Thumb.jpg
ISB General Overview Thumb.jpg
ISB Strength of Bees Thumb.jpg
ISB Wings as tools thumb.jpg
ISB Honeycomb Uses thumb.jpg

Featured by National Geographic: Advisors Pick!

  • I Save Bees entered into a National Geographic Expedition Granted contest for the chance to win $50k towards their personal expedition.
    Our video created for I Save Bees was 1 of 3 selected by the National Geographic Advisors to be featured on the NatGeo contest homepage.

nat geo1.jpg

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