Project Brief

Client: Delaney’s Market - Longmeadow MA, USA
Role: Retail Brand Specialist


Scarnici Productions built Delaney’s Market brand during their first year in operation once their logo was created.
We developed everything from social media outreach to website development and retail branding.


branding Delaney’s Market

  • Created multimedia assets for Delaney’s Market for their retail branding, online social sites, and event marketing.

  • Developed tangible retail assets such as product shelf tags, product photography, banners/videos/slideshows training modules, and more.

branded Projects

Retail Brand Development

Retail Brand Development

Branded retail projects such as;
-New product tags and retail signage
-Banners and large format signage for public events
-Employee product training guides

Print/Web Marketing

Print/Web Marketing

Produced ongoing photography for print and web;
-Local newspapers, direct mailers, and promotional events
-Social media advertising and other online ad sites

Film Production

Film Production

Created promo videos for various projects including;
-On location culinary events and food/alcohol tastings
-Volunteer involvement and responsible practices
-Local awards, employee nominations, etc,.

building an online presence

  • While developing content for Delaney’s Market, we built up their their social media presence in anticipation for the launch of the website.

  • Designed their website to focuse around Delaney’s Markets value to their consumers integrating email signups and their changing menu.

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delaneys market web mockup 4.jpg

Social media involvement

  • Delaney’s Market required ongoing content to brand themselves through a new market of social media platforms.
    We helped them establish a sense of an online presence in the community through social media.

delaneys market fb mockup2.jpg

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